Thanks for your interest in the course! This is the first time it’s run, so it’s being tweaked as we go (Jan – May 2016); it’ll be run for at least the next four years, as well. Students from around the world are welcome to (and are) taking it, which is great. If you wait a bit it’s likely to be better (debugged with other students), but if you want it now, please do take it! Also note that you don’t have to start at the same time the other students do: if you want to start taking it in April, or even in September, that’s all ok. Signing in is NOT required, but it does help me track usage; to do that, enter the information you wish below. Please use this form to give feedback about the course. You should also feel encouraged to join in on the discussion forum, where students and I help each other. Check the syllabus for assignments each week, too.