PhyloMeth poster

I have put up a poster for recruiting students locally (PDF here); advertising the course online will happen later (when there’s more material available).

Content from poster:

Spring 2016: Phylogenetic Methods (new course) Instructor: Brian O’Meara
EEB603, Thurs. 12:40-3:25, 3 credits

Learn how and why to:

  • Build, test, and date phylogenies
  • Study diversification, trait evolution, & more
  • Create new methods
  • Test using simulations

Modern teaching best practices:

  • Flipped classroom
  • Active learning
  • Group and solo work
  • Ongoing discussions (offline and on)


Requirements: Scientific question(s), basic familiarity with R (no need to be an expert), laptop. In class you’ll be guided in creating a GitHub account, and your homework will be public (though you could delete later).

Capacity: Registered: 16 students. Online only: ∞

Watch the course materials develop through the Fall at

Warning: This course will feature a substantial amount of work: it’s not just a “read a paper, discuss” course. It’s a graduate level course where failure is always an option (apologies to MythBusters).

Supported by NSF CAREER grant.